The Rise Of Erling Haaland

his Erling Haalnd is an emerging star and is putting up career numbers this season, putting soccer fans on notice. At just 22 years, his play style is incredible as he has excellent pace movement and a natural goal-scoring instinct. Since he moved to Manchester Season, he has established himself as a superstar having multiple-goal games this season. In this blog, we will look into Erling Haaland and his notable rise to success in the premier league, which is one of the biggest stages in football.  

Erling Haalands Childhood 

Erling Haaland was born in Leeds in 2000. He is the son of the prolific midfielder with a ten-year career in the premier league, Alfie Halaand. While Halaan is Norwegian, he was born in the United Kingdom because his father played for Manchester City during the time he was born. Erling had a very early start to his incredible career, as he was only three when Bergstan started coaching him for the 8-year-old age group due to his obvious potential. The coach stated, ” In a way, we could predict he was something special.” This is because he was very tactile from a young age. His older brother was also physically gifted, solid, and robust. Based on these facts, the coaches assumed he would be a superstar, and they were right about this. 

His Early Career 

Haaland was talking with coach Bergstan at the early age of 12 to make a move to the next level. By age 15, he took training sessions seriously and was competitive. When he turned 16, Bryne handed Haaland his first contract, and by the end of the 2016 season, he had 16 appearances, and 4 of them were starts. During this time, he also progressed from Norway’s u15 team to their u17 team, which showed significant progress. In 2017 Erling Halaand signed to Molde FK as the coach was very impressed with his performances, enough to sign him to a contract. In his first two seasons with the team, he scored 14 goals in just 31 appearances. After he played those two seasons, he left for Red Bull Salzburg. 

Rising To Stardom

In 2019 Haaland scored nine goals in a FIFa game against Honduras in the FIFA U20 world cup in Poland. His talent was starting to be recognized as the fantastic player he is more and more. In his 2019-2020 campaign, he began to showcase why so many thought he would be a word class talent. It took him only two league appearances to score his first hat trick, and by December of that season, he scored 16 goals, which is one every 61 minutes. He was also the second-leading scorer in UEFA by Christmas of that year. After his stint with the team, he went to Borussia Dorment, where he showed the world he was one of the best goal scorers. During his time with the team, he scored 86 goals and had 23 assists, showcasing what he can bring to the team in terms of offensive prowess. This year he has made it to the premier league and is showcasing his talents on the biggest stage. He already has 31 goals for Manchester City and continues to get better. At 22 years old, Erling Haaland has a bright future.

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