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We are the premier innovative Soccer Academy developing confident, highly-skilled soccer players through our European Community-based development model. Ages 6+. Operating out of Toronto in the GTISL, DYSL and CSL.



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Summer Camps Competitive Soccer International Development Summer Camp 2024
Outdoor 2024 Season 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015s and 2016s
Internationally Recognized Featured in TSN Canada's World Cup Intro Video as the future of Canada's soccer
Toronto Athletic F.C. Academy Philosophy To inspire and foster a life-long love of the soccer
TAFC Skill Development Sessions Increase your skills in our skill development session

Welcome to the TAC Academy!

Elite & Competitive Sports Training in the GTA.

Complete Curriculum

Academy curriculum follows LTPD guidelines to ensure players are receiving each appropriate instruction.

Professional Coaching

Academy athletes train with certified and licensed coaches.

Structured Pathway

All players have a clear, progressional pathway from U8 to U13, and beyond!

Premium Facilities

Our athletes play on high quality turf and grass fields in the summer, and hardwood gym floors in the winter.

Parental Involvement

Parents are directly involved in all games and practices and are encouraged to host & facilitate team socials and events.

Camp Connection

Players receive year round camp discounts and specialty camp programs.

Who are We?

At the TAC Academy, our number one goal is to inspire and foster a life-long love of the sport in a safe, inclusive, and instructional environment. Our coaches will instill principles of discipline, fair play, leadership, responsibility, critical thinking, respect, self-confidence, empathy, hard work, determination, and belonging. A pathway to development is available for all players to progress through the age groups, learning developmentally appropriate principles at each stage.