The Inspirational Story Of Edouard Mendy

Edouarrd Mendy is a world-class goalkeeper and was an integral part of Chelsea winning the champions league in the 2021 season. He is an incredible goalkeeper, as he has had many clean sheets in the premier league games. He has also been playing at the highest level for years, with no signs of looking back. However, his successes have not come with challenging obstacles to overcome. An agent he had previously worked with caused him a poor betrayal that almost stopped his professional career entirely. In this blog, we will overview the early childhood of Eduoard Mundy, look at his early career, and the obstacles he has overcome to get to this point in his professional career. 

Early Childhood 

Edouard Mendy was born in France in 1992. He lived a reasonably good life, as he had a simple family background and had access to good education. His passion for soccer was identified early in his life, and his parents enrolled him in academy soccer at 13. Edouard Mendy initially was pursuing to be a striker; however, his coach decided it would be best if he played between the pipes. This is because he had the physical aspects of being an incredible shot-stopper, even at such a young age. He was a tall child in comparison to others and had excellent reflexes. The way he played between the pipes was impressive to many, as the transition from positions is not the easiest thing to do. Unfortunately, despite his remarkable performance in the net, the head coach let him know he was not their first choice for a goalkeeper. While this left Mendy frustrated, it would not deteriorate him from achieving his goal of being a professional soccer player. 

Early Career

The news of not starting on his academy team was heartbreaking, but it did not stop him from striving for his goal. To attempt to prove his worth, he was going to play in the lower leagues of French soccer. This was a considerable risk for him, but it ended up paying off, as he got his first contract for AS Cherbourg. Getting signed to the team meant he had to move away from his family to pursue this dream. However, it did not pan out as he only played in 26 games in 3 years, which made him very frustrated with his playing time. He expressed his interest in leaving the club to his agent, whose agent at the time sold him the idea of playing in England. His agent promised him that an English club would sign him, and his previous club Cherbourg had let him know that they were moving on from him as a club. However, his agent never got back to him about the matter, and even after months, he left Edouard Mendy with no options and a dim future in professional soccer.

Edouard Mundy’s Struggles

The betrayal by his agent was a big blow to his career in the early stages. Never getting back to him left him with no option but to move back to France, and to make things worse, he was jobless. Edouard Mendy talked to many councilors concerning his unemployment, and his chances of becoming a professional football player were slim as they all suggested a career change. He was offered a cloth manager position at his friend’s business as he was a well-educated individual. Instead, he decided to decline this job offer and pursue his dream. He started training back at Le Havre with his brother, training at least twice a day every day. This hard work paid off as after a year of struggling, he was contacted by an old friend at Cherbourg. His friend convinced him to go on a trial for the Marseille squad. 

His Redemption and Rise To The Premiers

In his first season with the team, he was imposing, as he impressed his teammates and coaches with his performance. Due to him exceeding all expectations, he signed a decent deal with Cherbourg professional club. Mendy did not stop there as he was not going to settle for being a reserve; under the advice of his new agent, he took a loan to Reims in Ligue 2. In the first game of the season, the starting goalie got a red card, which allowed Edouard Mendy to get between the sticks, and he seized this opportunity. With Mendy as a goalkeeper, he led Reims to the Ligue 2 champions, and everyone in Europe had their eyes on the exciting goalkeeper. In 2019 he moved to Stade Rennes, which was a big step to making it closer to the big leagues. In his first season with the team, he helped them finish 3rd, a career-best for Rennes in Ligue 1. Chelsea was looking to move on from their goalie, and Cech, an inaugural boardroom member at Chelsea, called Rennes and demanded Mendy. In his first season with the team, he helped them win the Champions League and conceded the least amount of goals. Since then, he has continued to prove he is a world-class goalie, winning the UEAFa’s best goalkeeper, Fifa’s best goalkeeper, and now AFCON’s best goalkeeper awards


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